Welcome to Okai Fabrics!

Welcome to Okai Fabrics

My name is Letrice and I am the Owner and Designer of Okai Fabrics. At Okai Fabrics, we specialize in African Print Headwraps and Accessories that are just like you; BOLD, VIBRANT and BEAUTIFUL. We encourage you to live your life out loud UNAPOLOGETICALLY. We no longer stand in the back of the crowd because the crowd follows us. We stop traffic. We cause stares and we receive hella compliments. We wear Crowns everyday and now we just let everyone else see them. Its so much to see and I really think you’re going to love it here so take your time and shop each Collection. I wish you peace and prosperity.

Take Care!

New Arrivals


I shop with Okai Fabrics because its Black Woman Owned, Letrice's excellent customer service, her warm, pleasant personality and her high quality products.


The handwritten notes are a pleasant and sentimental touch. They are beautifully wrtitten and personalized. For me, that signifies your appreciation of me supporting your black owned business. I am extremely grateful for you.


I love the prints you offer as well as the accessories. I feel like I would not find them anywhere else and I always get compliments when I rock them!

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