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Brianne Mommy and Me Bonnets

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Both the Mommy and Me bonnets are lined with satin which helps retain moisture and aides in hair growth.

Consistent wearing could alleviate the “boomerang” hair loss often seen in young children.  It is recommended that your toddler wears the bonnet during playtime and that their bed sheets are changed to satin bed sheets. 

The “Mommy” bonnet is our regular size bonnets that works best with shoulder length to mid-back hair.  It can hold braids but extra long faux locs or natural locs may be challenging. 

The “Me” bonnet elastic measures 18 inches un-stretched and would fit ideally a 9 month old to a 2.5-3 year old.  Head sizes may differ regardless of age so if your child’s head is larger than it’s age range, please consider that when ordering. 

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